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Hello, I am interested in the game but I wanted to know if it is a virus that can destroy my pc. 

Thank you very much.

It is not.

Get ready for bad 90's game quality!

I decided to risk installing it and it's great, but I can't know that I'm a rat other than believing you by telling me I'm a rat. You should put a mirror so that the players believe by themselves they are a rat, otherwise they might think I'm a grasshopper.

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Also, thank you for commenting, I thought I would have no comments on this piece of garbage game!

(psst, RaT SiMuLaToR 2 is better, if you can call it better.)

Did you come here from my dev channel?


No amigo, I am a real fan of your work. i found you on with rat simulator. I have also played rat simulator 2 and the truth is that it is not as complete as the first one. There is more confusion regarding the scenery and the main character. I think you need to add some more plot to the game. 

Good game tho.

the first one was literally a walled in mountain with various land scapes

the second one has houses and stuff like that.

Thank you for these words, you have motivated me to make RaT SiMuLaToR 3!

I most likely have more love towards these games than valve ever had to TF2